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Advanced Government Solutions specializes in two important aspects of local government. The first is the relationship between Citizens and Government and the other is Public Works.

Our citizen relationship model provides a quick and easy means for sharing information with the public in an organized structure. This information can be a list of frequently asked questions, proposed ordinances and plans with a feedback mechanism, meeting minutes, announcements and alerts. We also have developed the technology that assists citizens making service requests via the Internet. This optional component connects to some of our Public Works solutions.

For public works we offer a full-fledged work order system called COMPLETE Works CRM. This product can be demonstrated upon request. Our most current initiatives involve environmental products. Our new i4 package (Inflow and Infiltration Inventory and Inspection) satisfies the final rule for MS4s executing Phase II of NPDES. Our Cross-Connect program, C2i, manages the inspection of backflow devices.

You are urged to bookmark and return to this space to look for the continued development of this new website as a promotional and educational tool for our solutions. Here is what we have posted so far.


Citizen Relations - The Open Government Initiative. This will help keep citizens off the phone and out of the lines at your office by allowing them to navigate government information from their home, office or library. Whether you implement a single part of this or the entire solution it will make your office more efficient and the citizen even more satisfied by building a NetCommunity.
Citizen Information. Citizen Services.

The MS4 solution i4.
This package combines your local IDDE ordinances with inspector and inspection data to assure that illicit connections and discharges are being brought to code. It connects to a master address file of your jurisdiction and can export a data layer file for your mapping application.

The Backflow solution C2i. The Cross Connect application stores information on the make model, test dates, location on every backflow device on your system. It has a database of certified inspectors and tracks the results of the inspections providing average and total pressure on the lines. We have provided some screens to show the product and the full demonstration will be on this site soon.

i4 = Infiltration / Inflow Inventory & Inspection
C2i = Cross-Connect Inspection