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Agust Gudmundsson

AGUST GUDMUNDSSON, former President and CEO of, Inc., began his career as a consultant for national, state, and local political campaigns by implementing his ideas of automating politics and government.

In March of 1989 he established Austin Professional Systems, the corporation that would evolve into in July 1999.

As a visionary in government solutions, he perceived the importance of the Internet in 1995.

He combined his extensive expertise in politics and computer programming to develop the software known as OurTown2000 -- the first Internet-based citizen-centric solution to address basic government problems. This product literally keeps city hall open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while reducing, not increasing, public expenses. The program has gained widespread attention both from the news media and from public officials who see OurTown2000 as a solution that maximizes citizen involvement in government, improves civic services, reduces costs to the taxpayer, and enhances the quality of life in communities.

Mr. Gudmundsson's uses of computerized databases helped him establish varied software clients, such as Mensa, the Independent Computer Consultants Association, United States Army Reserve Personnel Center, and the American Society of Association Executives.

His current developments involve designs for Local Government Work Order and EPA-Driven Software Systems.

Agust Gudmundsson
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